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About Japan! Cross Cultural Workshop


Learn how to do business with Japanese companies during our ½-day workshop!


Description du Programme: 

Learn how to do business with Japanese companies during our ½-day workshop!

  • Preparing your visit to Japan
  • Your first meeting in Japan
  • Follow-up with potential partners
  • Receiving a visit of a Japanese delegation
  • Signing a contract
  • Quality, claims and customers service
  • Socializing with Japanese

An expert from the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, part of Enterprise Europe Network, will share his experience of working with Japanese companies. He assists both Japanese and non-Japanese companies to increase their cultural and business environment understanding. He is specialized in working with non-Japanese companies doing business with Japan, entering the Japanese market and working with Japanese clients, suppliers or partners.

In the framework of the signature of the Foreign Trade Agreement between Japan and Europe, and the increasing of bilateral trade between Japan and Europe, it's important for the SME's to learn how to do business and negotiate with Japanese businesses.

A presentation of Enterprise Europe Network will be done during the introduction of the seminar

10h30 - 12h30 Workshop
12h30 - 13h30 Lunch




  • 21-11-2018 — 10:30 > 13:30


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